How much will my new butsudan cost? (Back to top)
All of my butsudans are custom made. The price depends on the final design. Factors that determine the price are size, style of the base, amount and complexity of carving, the inclusion of an interior light, shipping destination.

What kind of wood will you use for my butsudans? (Back to top)
I use basswood because it is a superior carving wood that responds crisply to the knife and finishes well. 

Can I choose the color for my butsudans? (Back to top)
All of my butsudans are stained allowing the warmth of the wood to come through. After getting a general idea of the color you would like, I would be happy to send you up to eight stain samples on basswood sticks free of charge. Then choose the color you would like for your new butsudan.

How long will it take for me to receive my new butsudan? (Back to top)
Once I get started on your butsudan it will generally take three weeks to complete.

How do I get started? (Back to top)
First, we decide on a design for your new butsudan. Looking at the examples on the website, you can mix and match design elements as well as offer suggestions and ideas of your own. Your butsudan can be designed to fit your space requirements. I require a 50% deposit to get started on your butsudan once the design elements are decided.

How do I pay for my new butsudan? (Back to top)
50% down and the balance on delivery is customary. I am open to discussing a reasonable payment plan on the balance. We prefer money orders. Personal checks are ok too.

What about a guarantee? (Back to top)
All butsudans are insured for their full value. If your new butsudan arrives damaged, you will receive a full refund, replacement or repair once the damaged butsudan is returned to me. If you are just not satisfied with the butsudan it can be returned at your expense. Your deposit will be fully refunded.